New Tech Is A Detox-Industry Disruptor

Get Rid Of Your Anxiety/Depression… AND Experience A Painless Withdrawal!

Sponsored by Bio Sound Therapy | Friday, May 29th 2020

Not able to go through withdrawal? Breakthrough device is a complete GAME CHANGER for getting off medication or opiates!

Isn’t it amazing how technology seems to have improved just about every aspect of our lives – EXCEPT for getting off opiates?! I mean, we have smart-everything to improve our waking hours. But when it comes to getting off opiates, we’re still relying on just laying there in pain going through withdrawal. It’s like we’re stuck in the stone ages!

Ah, but wait. It seems that technology has FINALLY caught up!

There’s a new little device out of Europe that everyone’s talking about. Even some of the brightest and busiest minds who got hooked on opiates in Silicon Valley are using it to remove depression/anxiety and NOT go through withdrawal.

In fact, many are calling it the best biohack in the detox space.

Yep, detox technology has finally caught up to the 21st century!

What Is It?

It’s called Bio Sound Therapy and it’s an absolute game changer for people getting off opiates or drugs. Much like when you hear your favorite song or listen to your mother’s heartbeat, biosound therapy focuses on making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. Biosound therapy is a type of therapy that involves sitting in a specialized chair and being covered in a blanket. After you’re covered, you’re exposed to various vibrational patterns that you can feel and hear. This sound therapy can help you to relax your nervous system and to allow you to fall into a deep state of relaxation. When that takes place, your heartbeat can slow and cortisol levels drop.

Biosound therapy is particularly good for helping heal anxiety and depression.

Sounds crazy, I know. A little vibration does what? But the results are undeniable – I assure you.

How Does It Work?

Sounds are known to affect the body. They are apparent in everyday life; a sharp note can scare you, or a calm buzzing can lull you to sleep. The last time you heard a song you liked, you probably instantly recognized it and were happy. This function of sound triggers emotional states that can be controlled with certain kinds of therapies. Biosound therapy is one.

Well, as you listen to bio sound vibration, your listening to a low frequency, As it does this, your breathing slows down too, which causes you to relax and feel sleepy.

Within a few minutes, you’re no longer stressed or anxious. You’re basically forced to stop thinking and just relax.

Get Through Withdrawal Easily, But Also…

The goal of therapy is to use precise and synchronized beats of low frequencies to help calm the body and mind. During treatment, it’s common for clients to have anxiety, depression and other symptoms. The biosound technology helps a person switch from a negative emotional state to one of calm or positivity. This can help patients, particularly inpatients in drug addiction programs, the benefit of learning to manage their emotions through this technique.

Biosound therapy can also help assist patients who are going through detoxification relax and feel less pain.

Why Does Bio Sound Therapy Work So Well? It Helps…

  • Take your mind’s focus off busy, stressful thoughts
  • Calm and quiet your mind
  • Slow your breathing down which relaxes your mind and body
  • Guide long exhales which release CO2 in your bloodstream and makes you feel sleepy
  • Reduce brainwave frequency which naturally happens right before you fall asleep
  • Switch off the fight or flight response, which removes anxiety and really helps calm you down

Where Can I Do Bio Sound Therapy?

Get Bio Sound Therapy at their official website here.

"Not only do they give you bio sound therapy, they also give you medication to make sure your withdrawal is painless. It’s a 21 day process in a luxury home. What’s the catch? None – your insurance can cover up to 100% of this whole process, just fill out the form or give them a call here."

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